General Information

Comfort Guarantee

  Comfort Guarantee: The Mattress Place does offer a one time 30 day reselection policy. If you are not comfortable come in within 30 days, and reselect. No refunds will be given. Customer is responsible for any additional cost, taxes and redelivery charge. Mattress being picked up must be in a clean, like new condition.


Warranty Registration

 When you receive your new mattress set, please take the time to register the warranty. You will need some information from the “LAW” label on the mattress. DO NOT remove this label! For Sherwood Brand Mattresses go to: For Spink & Edgar Mattresses go to:  

Proper Mattress Care

  · Upon receipt of your mattress, unwrap it and leave it in a well-ventilated room for a few hours before use. Spink & Edgar mattresses are made from the finest natural fillings and, therefore, your mattress may have a natural smell to it. · King and Queen Mattress sets must be supported by an appropriate metal frame having a rigid center bridge bar with a supporting leg. For a wooden bed frame, there must be at least 5 equally spaced hardwood cross slats (1” x 4”) with 5 corresponding vertical legs that reach all the way to the floor. · Use a protective mattress pad to avoid stains. · When moving, carton your mattress and transport and store the mattress flat. · Do not remove the law tag or label containing the model name. · Do not bend, stand or jump on the mattress. · Do not use cleaning fluids on the product.  Do not smoke in bed or expose the mattress to open flame or fire.  


Rotation Guidelines

  Please follow the “Proper Mattress Care” instructions below. Mattresses have numerous comfort layers made of natural and synthetic materials. Your mattress will tend to settle over the first few weeks or months. Do not worry if hollows appear in the sleeping areas of your mattress leaving a central area of unsettled fillings. This is caused as a result of the fillings compacting under your body weight. This is quite normal and is not a defect. By following the rotation guidelines below, the fillings will compress to a near even level over the entire mattress surface. It is important that you turn your bedding regularly to extend the comfort of your bedding set and enjoy years of maximum comfort. You should turn the mattress end-to-end every 3 weeks for the first 6 months. Turn it every 6 months after that. Turn your box spring end-to-end every 6 months. Turning a mattress is an easy job for 2 people, but don’t damage yourself or the mattress by trying it alone!  

 For One-Sided Mattresses:

 1.  Rotate the mattress on top of the box spring counter-clockwise.
2.  Mattress should overhang the end of box spring by a third or more.
3.  Rotate mattress counter-clockwise again to place opposite end at head.
4.  Your mattress will last longer if you turn your mattress end-to-end regularly