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Alternative's to the BIG brands


Brands that keep their overhead down, means you can afford a better night's sleep. As in most BIG brands, you're paying for a big overhead and for that name. There are alternative's, the brands I have chosen, all have a long prestigious history in the bedding industry. They spend more on research, design and development and less on advertising. Many models have better warranties than the big brands. 

With our expertise in the industry, we are factory direct with every manufacturer. There are no middle men or buying group mark ups.

All of this equals quality and savings you can see and experience. 

NO import "bed's in a box" here, every mattress we carry is proudly made in the USA, right here in The Valley of The Sun.

Comparison Example

Encore Majesty Hybrid

  • Foam encased for added edge support
  • Soy based comfort foams
  • 2040 tempered carbon steel micro coils
  • Cool Gel memory foam layers
  • 800 individually pocketed support coils
  • 20 year manufacturer warranty 


  •  Encore utilizes more environmentally friendly soy based foams.
  • Longer manufacturer warranty 
  • Costs less than half the Big  brands

Big brand Hybrid


  • Foam encased for added edge support
  • Cooling memory foam layers 
  • 2000 micro coils
  • 850 individually pocketed support coils
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty 




Our Partners

Spink and edgar mattress luxury nature

A 130 year British tradition. Ultra luxurious beds grown in nature. A king among kings.

 To fully grasp the level of detail that goes into making a Spink & Edgar mattress, it’s important to understand where our materials originate. We’re the only farm-to-bedroom mattress brand in the world that cultivates wool, hemp, flax (linen), and other natural bedding materials on our very own 130-year-old family farm in the English countryside. 

Available in TwinXL, King and Queen

Queen sets from $3499-$4999

King sets from $4499-$5999

Sherwood Bedding,Spink & Edgar, mattress, bed, king mattress, queen mattress


Whether you prefer the targeted support of pocketed springs, the pressure relief of memory foam, or the cool responsiveness of latex, Sherwood Bedding makes the perfect mattress for you. 

Available in all sizes at

Our Guaranteed Low Price

Queen Sets from $323-$825

King sets from $635-$1067

cool gel memory foam, Spink & Edgar, mattress, bed, king mattress, queen mattress

EvoSleep® Cool Gel memory foam mattresses excel by capitalizing on the strengths of high-end memory foam brands, minimizing their weaknesses, and doing it all at a price that makes sense. 

Available in all sizes at

Our Guaranteed Low Price

Queen sets from $797-$1025

King sets from $1045-$1273


 Lumina® pocketed spring and hybrid mattresses combine the finest fabrics and eco-friendly raw materials with over 50 years of mattress engineering expertise. For painstaking attention to detail at a surprisingly affordable price, look no further than Lumina® 

Available in all sizes at

Our Guaranteed Low Price

Queen sets from $1047-$1177

King sets from $1345-$1483


 Encore® hybrid mattresses embody the pinnacle of everything we’ve learned about designing mattresses over the past 50+ years. They offer a premier level of comfort for the most discerning mattress shopper who demands the very best that our industry has to offer. 

Available in Twin XL, Queen and King at

Our Guaranteed Low Price

Queen sets from $1537-$2365

King sets from $1925-$2845

PureCare, pillows, protectors

 PureCare offers the finest mattress, pillow and box spring protection available, allowing you to create a cleaner sleep environment in every bedroom in your home. Our mattress and pillow protectors are treated with antimicrobial silver chloride that inhibits bacteria, mold and mildew that causes deterioration, stains and odors in these products. Our clinically proven protectors are the official mattress and pillow protectors of both the National Sleep Foundation and the Women's Choice Award

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